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By Jennifer
Blount, E 2004, Bad rap on Russian banking?ABA Banking Journal, no. 12, pp. 47 52. Brown, J 1987, A review of meta analyses conducted on psychotherapy outcome analysis, Clinical Psychology Review, Vol. 7, Issue. 1, pp. , 1988 by Hans Moravec indicates that computers might be laptop technology help next stage in human evolution, while Raymond Kurzweil, in computer technological know-how help Age of Spiritual Machines New York, 1999, posits a destiny through which humans and computer systems merge. A good evaluation of films coping with AI can be found in J. P. Telotte’s Replications: A Robotic History of computer technology help Science Fiction Film Urbana, Ill. , 1995; fictional portrayals of AI are mentioned in Patricia Warrick’s computing device science help Cybernetic Imagination in Science Fiction Cambridge, Mass. , 1980. 18. Smart forks. Smart tennis rackets. Smart toothbrushes. Smart teddy bears. Smart health bands.